Functional Dry Needling (FDN) is commonly mistaken for acupuncture but, there is a clear distinction between the two treatments. In both, a needle is inserted into the skin to alleviate pain however, the primary difference between the two is that acupuncture treats for the purpose of altering the flow of Qi (or energy) along traditional Chinese meridians while FDN follows evidence-based guidelines to treat specific treatment conditions, using recommended “trigger point” locations.

Functional Dry Needling is a treatment performed by our trained and skilled Physical Therapists here at Suarez Physical Therapy. It involves the insertion of a tiny monofilament needle directly into a specific muscle or muscles using a pistoning technique (moving the needle up and down in the muscle tissue) or with the application of electrical stimulation, directly to the needle, to elicit a muscle contraction.

Based on evidence, the goals of FDN are to help treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions, reducing pain and muscle tension and/or improving strength and range of motion. Implementing FDN to specific treatment plans has been proven to help speed up and promote healing.

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FDN is a valuable and effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain. Like any treatment, there are possible complications. While complications are rare in occurrence, they are real and must be considered prior to giving consent for treatment.

Risks may include injury to a blood vessel causing a bruise, infection, and/or nerve injury. Bruising is a common occurrence and should not be a concern. Sensitivity and discomfort at the needle site may occur following treatment.

However, additional, rare complications have occurred. For example, the most serious risk with FDN is accidental puncture of a lung (pneumothorax) with treatment of thoracic musculature. If this were to occur, it may likely require a chest x-ray to rule out further treatment. The symptoms of shortness of breath may last for several days to weeks. A more severe puncture can require hospitalization and re-inflation of the lung. This is a rare complication, and in skilled hands it should not be a major concern.

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You will be asked to arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled initial evaluation time with your Care.Experience licensed physical therapist. Upon your arrival you will be required to fill out new patient intake paperwork. You have the option of arriving 15 minutes prior to your initial evaluation by filling out your new patient intake paperwork online by accessing our “Patient Portal” on this website. After your physical therapist performs your initial evaluation, he/she will provide you with a physical therapy diagnosis/diagnoses and recommend a specific treatment plan accordingly. It is also a common practice for your physical therapist to prescribe and review a home exercise program for you to take and begin your recovery journey. Prior to leaving, your physical therapist will escort you to our reception window, where our courteous front office SPT team will arrange your follow-up treatment appointments at the location where your first visit took place or at any one of other Care.Experience locations in the Las Vegas Valley (see bottom of “Contact”). We recommend that you wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing on your first visit and your follow-up physical therapy treatments.

We currently have four locations in the Las Vegas valley. Please call us at 702-368-6778 to inquire about the nearest location to you.

Southeast (Sunset): Sunday through Saturday 8am – 7pm

Southwest (Cimarron): Monday through Saturday 8am – 7pm

Northeast (LakeMead) Monday through Saturday 8am – 7pm

Northwest (Centennial): Monday through Saturday 8am – 7pm

Yes, and we are usually able to schedule within the same week after the verification of insurances and referrals.

We accept all major PPO plans and Worker’s Comp Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and Culinary

However, we are not contracted with United Healthcare, Sierra Health and Life, Health Plan of Nevada, Smart Choice and most HMO plans.

Download our full contracted insurances list HERE.

Yes. We work with are patient’s primary care physicians and the DME company to provide needed equipment and orthotics.

Yes. We work with the majority of Las Vegas attorneys.

Regular and deep tissue massages are done by a licensed massage therapist.

Yes. We accept self-pay for treatment and massage.

No. We feel like 30 minutes is not sufficient to accomplish a patient’s treatment goals. Therefore, we only treat in 60-minute increments.

The Suarez Physical Therapy “care.experience” our patients, providers, and attorneys have grown to love is now being offered in the Home Health Care setting!

Our goal, as SPT en Casa clinicians, is to accommodate motor-vehicle accident and personal injury rehabilitation patients unable to start outpatient physical therapy due to transportation or post-surgical limitations.

The best part about us now offering this additional service is that it allows for the patient to avoid delay of treatment and much needed care, but also provides a quick and safe transition into our outpatient physical therapy setting.

Home Health Services

  • Pain Relieving Modalities (i.e. Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound)
  • Stretching and Strengthening Therapeutic Exercises
  • Soft Tissue Mobilizations and Massage
  • Coordinate with Nursing Staff
  • Post-Surgical Durable Medical Equipment (DME)/Orthoses
  • Hospital Discharge DME (i.e. crutches; walkers)

Transition To Our Outpatient Centers

  • Open 7-Days a Week
  • Low Clinician-to-Patient Ratio
  • Licensed Massage Therapist on Staff
  • Spanish-Speaking Staff

All referrals may be faxed to 702.685.7811 or emailed to homehealth@suarezpt.com ATTN: Home Health Care Department.

Option 1:

You may have a family member or loved one pick up the Home Health Paperwork Packet at one of our three convenient locations during business hours:

Southeast (Sunset): Sunday through Saturday 8am – 7pm

Southwest (Cimarron): Monday through Saturday 8am – 7pm

Northeast (Lake Mead): Monday through Saturday 8am – 7pm

Northwest (Centennial): Monday through Saturday 8am – 7pm

Option 2:

Print Home Health Paperwork Packet!

Print Home Health Paperwork Packet!

Please CLICK HERE to find your printable Home Health Paperwork Packet.

Option 3:

We can mail the Home Health Paperwork Packet to you and include a pre-paid envelope so you can mail it back. Please note that this will delay the start of your first appointment. We cannot put you on the schedule until we have all signed paperwork back.

Your assigned physical therapist will call and/or text you (based on your preference) for an appointment reminder the day before and will reach out 1-hour prior to your session the day of. If you do not respond and confirm appointment, the PT will NOT make the trip to your home.

Once your personal licensed physical therapist arrives, they will conduct an initial evaluation to identify your impairments and limitations. Please be prepared to discuss details of your motor-vehicle accident or personal injury accident as well as general health and past medical history on the first visit.

After the evaluation, based on your diagnosis and your personal goals, they will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Your PT will create a home exercise program (HEP) with specific exercise that you can do on your own to help assist with your recovery process. Your physical therapist will explain each exercise and make sure you understand the proper technique. This will be the extent of the treatment for this visit. Your next visit will be a full 1-hour treatment session with one of our licensed physical therapist assistants.

Most prescriptions and treatment frequencies are for 2-3 visits per week, for 4-weeks, but this will vary based on your condition and physical ability.

Physical therapy sessions will typically last an hour. Treatment plan length will vary based on home bound necessity. You will see your PT every 7th visit or every 21-days; whichever comes first, and all other sessions will be with your PTA. Please make sure to keep your regular follow-up visits with your doctor and let us know of appointments so that we can update your physician/attorney on your progress.

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Here's what patients have to say about us:

The dream team! From the Physical therapists to the physical therapist assistants, to the massage therapists, to the front desk, everyone knows your name. I've been to other physical therapists and felt like I was just there to meet the bottom line but here's its truly different. Beyond the high patient care standards, they have helped me get my body back. By body I mean movement. As I've gotten older, I've had more musculoskeletal issues that have affected my movement and overall quality of life. Literally after only 1-month I'm feeling better / younger than I was 3 years ago. Thank you to the Suarez team for all you do!

Brian Dorne (Treated for Cervical, R Shldr, Lumbar, B Hip and R Achilles Pain)

Suarez physical therapy has really helped me with both knee and foot problems. Everyone working there, front staff and therapists, are very kind and knowledgeable. Their schedule is very accommodating, and the facility is top notch. I highly recommend this office to help anyone with physical therapy!

Molly Flannery (Treated for Plantar Fasciitis, R Foot Pain and B Knee Pain)

“200/10 stars for me ! Staff was great, helped correct me on my form on all the exercises I thought I was doing correctly. They thought me some dope stretches that I’ll probably continue to use for the remainder of my days on this planet. Jacob was cool too , very sociable and loved chatting it up about different games we play. Front desk staff was very kind too . Definitely will be coming back for them massages too!”

Cadell Levert (Treated for Back and Neck Pain)

“Highly recommend Suarez P/T to anyone who is suffering from injuries or a car accident. I’ve been receiving quality treatments from attentive professionals in clean, positive, and fun environment. Thank you, all staff members, for amazing work that they do. Don’t hesitate to call them get information.”

"Tem” Tumenjargal (Treated for Right Ankle Pain)

“Hi, I'm Faustina and I love being a patient of Suarez since its specialists and technician and all its workers treat us like family, they make us feel very good with their treatment and their techniques to help us with our pains are the best, I would recommend to all people who need physiotherapy who attend Suarez Physical Therapy I admire them for their great work with all their patients and I include myself thanks to all your team, congratulations.”

Faustina Pardo (Treated for Lesion of ulnar nerve)

“Amazing place and people. I was in a really bad vehicle accident in February couldnt even walk without assistance. All of the therapist I worked with in home and at the facility went above and beyond to help me regain my independence. I cannot recommend them highly enough!" They are so amazing. I love this place so much I started bringing my son who has CP. Best physical therapist in town.”

Estrella Rodriguez (Treated for Gait and her son for CP)

“If I can rate this place 10 stars I will!! The best place in America! Very Professional working the same with any patient! Very familiar place and very Helpful! Everybody is very polite and caring from the front of the office to the floor with the Clinicians!”

Ankica Solaja (Treated for BPPV - Benign Vertigo)

“I have been to two of the three locations and the great thing is there seamless care and professionalism. The cleanliness is great especially knowing COVID exist. I feel confident in the staff and my recovery is going awesome. The owner is personable with his clients. U feel welcome!! I suggest Suarez PT for anyone looking to maximize their healing!”

Miko Allen (Treated for Post-Surgical Lumbar)

This is a wonderful physical therapy office. I just finished my treatment here and could not be happier with the results. They did a great job with my evaluation and creating a treatment plan. The front office staff is always so friendly and helpful, in person and on the phone. Both PTs and al PTAs I met and worked with were great. If I needed PT again, I’d definitely request this office again through my insurance.

Melanie Bird (Treated for Low Back Pain)

“I had a work-related injury. When I started at Suarez PT, I had a lot of work to do. They took care of everything. I feel really great about the progress that has been made. As I prepare to return to work, I have no worries about the injury I had giving me any problemsJerry Hancock (Treated for Right Thigh pain). Thank you to all the staff at Suarez PT, you all were great!”

Jerry Hancock (Treated for Right Thigh pain)

“Current employee there and I have to say it's been an amazing experience working with all my coworkers. All of the physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, and Techs are very knowledgeable and amazing at what they do. Especially with our pediatric patients. They have made me feel at home whenever I am here. Never a dull moment. Love all of our patients and the amazing atmosphere when they are in the office. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PHYSICAL THERAPIST OFFICE! I know for a fact that if there is any time I need a PT office I already my place to go.”

Misty Martinez (Current Employee)

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At Suarez Physical Therapy, our goal is to alleviate your pain and help you lead a quality lifestyle. Our experienced clinicians have the right skills and experience to treat children, adolescents, and adults. We provide various care.experience treatment options for patients with traumatic, congenital, neurological, and musculoskeletal disorders.

We evaluate and treat every patient with care and compassion. We have a low clinician-to-patient ratio, and every patient receives a personalized treatment plan. Our convenient locations in Las Vegas enable us to serve our patients better. For the best care.experience, please contact us at 702-368-6778. or fill the contact form, and one of our caring staff will contact you.