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After an injury, surgical procedure, or illness, physical therapy could make a significant difference. It could help you improve mobility, restore your physical strength, gain independence, and aid in your recovery. What if you could receive physical therapy in your home? Imagine a therapist coming to your house to treat only you alone. Our therapists will offer you one-on-one attention with the encouragement and compassion you require. Suarez Physical Therapy provides in-home physical therapy across Las Vegas for patients represented by personal injury attorneys. All our services are offered with the intent to make sure you have a convenient, personalized experience that promotes recovery and rejuvenates your body and mind for your transition to one of our outpatient physical therapy clinics.  Our caring therapists will also answer your English or Spanish questions, ensuring you understand the medical procedure and its benefits.

What is Home Health Physical Therapy?

If you have a challenge that leads to loss of mobility or pain, you might benefit from a physical therapist’s qualified services. The therapist will work to restore your mobility so that you could enjoy doing what you love.

Home health physical therapy happens when an expert comes to a patient’s home to offer rehabilitation services. The service is designed for a person who cannot leave their house to attend physical therapy.

It can happen due to reasons, such as:

  • You want private physical therapy in your house.
  • You do not have enough transportation or cannot access transportation to the physical therapy.
  • Your mobility is limited, and you can’t travel for your therapy.
  • Your health condition is severe or acute, and leaving your house presents a health risk.

Generally, persons who receive home-care physical therapy are referred to this service by their doctor. The doctor will refer you to an experienced physical therapist to attest that home physical therapy services are medically appropriate. Your medical necessity report should indicate the home health care is necessary because you cannot leave your home due to your circumstances or health condition.

Is Home-Based Physical Therapy Effective?

Most people wonder if in-home physical therapy is effective. It is because they think you require heavy, high-end exercise tools and equipment to participate in an effective rehabilitation program. Well, that is not always the case. Your therapist is trained to use available resources to maximize the rehabilitation experience. They could also carry light tools to your house and ensure you realize the best possible outcome.

Research published in the Orthopedic Nursing journal in 2016 examined the results of patients following a total knee replacement surgical procedure. Some study subjects had in-home physical therapy and later outpatient physical therapy, while others only attended outpatient physical therapy. The scientists did not find any variation between the two categories of participants as far as ROM (range of motion) measurements and function are concerned. Having an in-home therapist after the medical procedure neither offered considerable benefits nor contributed to an adverse outcome.

Who Benefits from Home Health Physical Therapy

Generally, if you have a challenge that leads to loss of functional mobility, you might benefit from physical therapy. Moreover, if you experience difficulties leaving your home, home health care might be ideal. Common conditions that require in-home physical therapy include:

  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Post-surgical health conditions like total knee or hip replacement
  • Following a trauma like a fracture
  • Following a cardiac occurrence such as a heart attack
  • COVID-19 risk

You might also benefit from an in-home therapist if you have a challenge that prevents your everyday movement and if it’s overwhelming leaving your house for treatment.

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Benefits of Home-Based Physical Therapy

Physical therapy improves patients’ strength, functional abilities, and mobility when medical challenges or diseases restrict daily life activities. According to a study published in the Journal of American Medical Directors Association, a maximum of two home-based physical therapy sessions weekly could reduce the risk of re-hospitalization by eighty-two percent in senior citizens.

Sometimes, your health condition might limit your mobility, making it difficult or even impossible to leave your home for physical therapy sessions. If this is your condition, you can still enjoy the benefits of therapy in your house.

Here are the top benefits of home-based physical therapy services:

Prevent Major Injuries
and Falls

As human beings age, their physical balance and strength decline. It increases your risk for falls and opens the doors for potential severe injuries. Your therapist will come to your home to assess your muscle strength and general health awareness. Physical therapy looks for symptoms like changes in how you walk, balance challenges, and weak muscles. They could also use techniques that measure your biomechanics (ability to use your body efficiently and correctly). This will help them identify movements or cues that could result in injuries, improve your posture, and teach you exercises.

Your Treatment is
for Your Home

Although every physical therapist focuses on function, there isn’t a better place to evaluate an individual’s functional mobility than in their home. Every home is unique. While some houses have tiny awkward rooms, others have unusual furniture and winding staircases. An experienced therapist will help enhance your house access, working on how you can safely get to all rooms and improving your capability to maximize all rooms’ function.

For instance, the therapist might offer focus techniques and exercises to reach cabinets, shower, get out of bed, and sit down. Moreover, they could work with you to improve and strengthen balance and range of motion in certain areas in your home, including where you perform your exercises.

One-on-One Care

A physical therapist in an outpatient facility will often provide care to at least one person at a time. With a home-based physical therapist, you receive undivided attention. That means you receive high-quality care hence better results, to ultimately obtain the independence required for the transition to one of our outpatient clinics.

Familiar Environment

A homebound patient might find it comforting to receive treatment in a familiar place. It is particularly essential to patients new to physical therapy because they can pay attention to health care with fewer distractions.

Moreover, when the physical therapy practitioner visits and treats you in your home, your family members could be present. They can monitor the care given and are aware of the current and future steps. Instead of having therapists and doctors in a hospital surrounding you, you know that a person that your trust and love could be present too.

Offers Convenience

Accessibility and ease are always some of the factors therapy patients consider before choosing home health physical therapy. Instead of dealing with travel, weather, and infrastructure challenges, you can focus more on your recovery when the therapist comes to you.

Offers Education

After a treatment care plan is developed, your therapist will teach you effective methods to effectively and efficiently use your body. Since your caregiver plays a critical role in your recovery, your physical therapist will show them how to use their body mechanics to protect you and themselves and transfer you without causing injuries.

Additionally, the therapist will help both you and your caregiver identify potential hazards in your house and teach you ways to lower the risk of falls. It could include removing objects like furniture or area rugs.

The education also includes analyzing the need for adaptive equipment such as walkers, ramps, canes, or handrails.

Common Services Offered by Experienced
Home Health Service Providers

Discussed below are some of the services seasoned home health physical therapists offer:

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Here's what patients have to say about us:

The dream team! From the Physical therapists to the physical therapist assistants, to the massage therapists, to the front desk, everyone knows your name. I've been to other physical therapists and felt like I was just there to meet the bottom line but here's its truly different. Beyond the high patient care standards, they have helped me get my body back. By body I mean movement. As I've gotten older, I've had more musculoskeletal issues that have affected my movement and overall quality of life. Literally after only 1-month I'm feeling better / younger than I was 3 years ago. Thank you to the Suarez team for all you do!

Brian Dorne (Treated for Cervical, R Shldr, Lumbar, B Hip and R Achilles Pain)

Suarez physical therapy has really helped me with both knee and foot problems. Everyone working there, front staff and therapists, are very kind and knowledgeable. Their schedule is very accommodating, and the facility is top notch. I highly recommend this office to help anyone with physical therapy!

Molly Flannery (Treated for Plantar Fasciitis, R Foot Pain and B Knee Pain)

“200/10 stars for me ! Staff was great, helped correct me on my form on all the exercises I thought I was doing correctly. They thought me some dope stretches that I’ll probably continue to use for the remainder of my days on this planet. Jacob was cool too , very sociable and loved chatting it up about different games we play. Front desk staff was very kind too . Definitely will be coming back for them massages too!”

Cadell Levert (Treated for Back and Neck Pain)

“Highly recommend Suarez P/T to anyone who is suffering from injuries or a car accident. I’ve been receiving quality treatments from attentive professionals in clean, positive, and fun environment. Thank you, all staff members, for amazing work that they do. Don’t hesitate to call them get information.”

"Tem” Tumenjargal (Treated for Right Ankle Pain)

“Hi, I'm Faustina and I love being a patient of Suarez since its specialists and technician and all its workers treat us like family, they make us feel very good with their treatment and their techniques to help us with our pains are the best, I would recommend to all people who need physiotherapy who attend Suarez Physical Therapy I admire them for their great work with all their patients and I include myself thanks to all your team, congratulations.”

Faustina Pardo (Treated for Lesion of ulnar nerve)

“Amazing place and people. I was in a really bad vehicle accident in February couldnt even walk without assistance. All of the therapist I worked with in home and at the facility went above and beyond to help me regain my independence. I cannot recommend them highly enough!" They are so amazing. I love this place so much I started bringing my son who has CP. Best physical therapist in town.”

Estrella Rodriguez (Treated for Gait and her son for CP)

“If I can rate this place 10 stars I will!! The best place in America! Very Professional working the same with any patient! Very familiar place and very Helpful! Everybody is very polite and caring from the front of the office to the floor with the Clinicians!”

Ankica Solaja (Treated for BPPV - Benign Vertigo)

“I have been to two of the three locations and the great thing is there seamless care and professionalism. The cleanliness is great especially knowing COVID exist. I feel confident in the staff and my recovery is going awesome. The owner is personable with his clients. U feel welcome!! I suggest Suarez PT for anyone looking to maximize their healing!”

Miko Allen (Treated for Post-Surgical Lumbar)

This is a wonderful physical therapy office. I just finished my treatment here and could not be happier with the results. They did a great job with my evaluation and creating a treatment plan. The front office staff is always so friendly and helpful, in person and on the phone. Both PTs and al PTAs I met and worked with were great. If I needed PT again, I’d definitely request this office again through my insurance.

Melanie Bird (Treated for Low Back Pain)

“I had a work-related injury. When I started at Suarez PT, I had a lot of work to do. They took care of everything. I feel really great about the progress that has been made. As I prepare to return to work, I have no worries about the injury I had giving me any problemsJerry Hancock (Treated for Right Thigh pain). Thank you to all the staff at Suarez PT, you all were great!”

Jerry Hancock (Treated for Right Thigh pain)

“Current employee there and I have to say it's been an amazing experience working with all my coworkers. All of the physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, and Techs are very knowledgeable and amazing at what they do. Especially with our pediatric patients. They have made me feel at home whenever I am here. Never a dull moment. Love all of our patients and the amazing atmosphere when they are in the office. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PHYSICAL THERAPIST OFFICE! I know for a fact that if there is any time I need a PT office I already my place to go.”

Misty Martinez (Current Employee)

Frequently Asked Questions

Any qualified home health service provider will tell you that they have answered the following frequently asked questions.

Your physical therapist will contact you via text or call to remind you of your appointment a day before. They will also arrive at least one hour before the session. If you fail to respond and confirm the appointment, the therapist will not come to your house.

After the physical therapist arrives, they will conduct an initial evaluation to identify limitations and impairment. Make sure you tell the therapist of your previous medical history, details of the accident, and general health.

Following the evaluation, the physical therapist will create a treatment plan based on your goals and diagnosis. Moreover, they can develop a home exercise program consisting of exercise that you could do on your own to boost your recovery. They will explain all exercises and ensure you understand the right technique.

Typically, your physical therapists will visit your home twice or thrice a week for four weeks. However, this varies depending on your physical abilities and condition.

Sessions last one hour, and your treatment plan duration will vary based primarily on homebound necessity.

Ensure you follow-up with your physician and tell your therapists of the appointment so that the physical therapist can update the doctor on your progress.

Find a Skilled Physical Therapist Near Me

Home health physical therapy can play an essential role in restoring your body functions, especially if you are recovering from illness, injury, surgery, are at risk of falling, or need disease management education. Suarez Physical Therapy treatment options go beyond pain management and exercises for improving posture, body positioning, soft tissue mobilization, mobility, and increasing endurance, coordination, and muscle function.

Physical therapy is more effective when you and your therapist have a good relationship and are open to one another. It differs from the assembly line experience you could expect at a conventional physical therapy practice. To determine if you qualify for home health physical therapy with us and schedule your initial consultation, contact us today at 702-368-6778. We look forward to offering you personalized therapy to facilitate your recovery and answering your questions.